AFRICAN-AMERICAN GENRE: The voice of a people who have ancestral links to Africa, and a seminal colourized culture which is native to American

AFRICA: The name foisted upon the continent, by explorers, invaders and travellers, through myth, folklore, legend, tales and lies.

ASILA BARA: A Swahili phrase which means original mainland, as defined by the people who inhabited this most Ancient Continent.

CHAMBEGA: A Swahili phrase which means, upon the shoulders, broadly defined in the African-American genre, it means upon the shoulders of the ancestors we stand.

COLOURTURE: The seminal colourized culture of the African-American people emerged under conditions where colour and skin pigmentation were inseparable and determining factors in both the construction and definition of their culture which has become a culture characterized by colour.

FREE BORN: The indigenous populations of Asila Bara were free-born, it is only when one subscribes to a divided Africa [black, white, brown] that the erroneous assumption of the Blacks being born as slaves takes hold. All people are fee-born, none are born slaves. If it is true that all people at some point in time were enslaved, then it could be argued that all modern day descendants are slave-born rather than free-born as the historians proudly record. The current mystery of history, regards only the enslaved populations with ancestorial origins in Sub-Sahara Africa as slave-born populations.

UNFREE: The newly arrived from Asila Bara who were free-born to their native land, once abducted became un-free and at-risk of becoming an indentured servant or enslaved by bond or as chattel property. It was not until the disparate and unequal treatment of this un-free population was sanctioned and upheld by the dispensers of injustice and the propagators of religious intolerance that the un-free became enslaved in systematic and oppressive manner.

SLAVE: Is a person relegated to an un-free status, who under duress and intimidation is forbidden to exercise free-thought and systematically oppressed and exploited for the benefit of other persons, or enterprises, which prohibits their pursuit of a life stance which is human and self-determined. This is not a natural category, it is unnatural for human beings to exist as slaves, and the conditions under which the un-free become slaves are super-imposed upon them by others who seek a position of advantage at the expense of those who are exploitable.

ENSLAVED: The process of the un-free once in America to become enslaved occurred over time, it was necessary for the social, religious, political and most importantly the economic forces to carve a system into the fabric of the American lifestance, which not only tolerated chattel enslavement but fully embraced its need and wanton desire to spread the message of de-humanization in all of its institutions. This emerging nation was in need of a labor pool, and it was to their advantage and self-interest to determine that the land of the blacks, as the Sub-Sahara region was referred to had an unlimited supply of slave-born people to meet their labor needs. Still to this day, if not most of the history on this subject regard Africa as the land where the slaves come from, totally disregarding that the making of a salve was an American undertaking. Another distinction should be made, and that is the enslaved always desire a mutation on the continuum of humanity.

ABDUCTED: The free-born persons of Asila Bara were subdued by force, others were taken by chicanery and subterfuge, in each case they were in the end abducted against their will and without their consent and acquiescence.

ABSCONDER: Once forced into the status of an un-free person and being stripped of all vestiges and remnants of their humanity they were then enslaved and those that were able through their own volition and the help of other to redress their illegal status became absconders from injustice and not merely runaway and fugitive slaves, which implies that they were committing legal and moral offenses.

REBELS: To challenge this unjust inhumane and illegal system and live to tell it is a liberation experience which exalts ones humanity and self esteem to untold heights of bravery and renown, those few who obtain such status are more than ex-slaves they through deeds alone must go down in history as rebels.

HUMAN CHATTEL CARTEL: It is beyond reason to refer to the illegal, immoral, inhumane and unjust enterprises conceived by exploiters, speculators, pirates, merchants and rogue regimes as anything else other than a syndicate of criminals, under the protection of international law and religious dispensation. The term slave is no longer applicable, given what we now know about the conspiratorial dimensions of such a long standing and enduring institution. Trade has to be based upon reciprocal agreements between nation states and or their representatives, engaging in lawful and morally acceptable activities, to say that the triangular trail of inhumanity which stretched across the Atlantic and left both flesh and bones of the human cargo to be eaten by the sharks, was a trading enterprise is to stretch reason beyond the bounds of sanity. This was an international conspiracy carried out with criminal intent and reckless disregard for the inhumane consequences that wrecked inter-generational afflictions upon un-born populations that required an organized cartel to operate on such large dimensions.

TRIANGULAR TRAIL OF INHUMANITY: The trail of money began in high places where the wealthy and merchant class families of Europe and the American colonies before they became a nation state, congregated to invest their financial capital to outfit ocean-going vessels to transport the submissive and abducted human cargo from Asila Bara where the trail of blood began to various ports in the Western Hemisphere, this cycle repeated itself for nearly two hundred and fifty years, and was inhumane from the day it began until its demise. The money that was invested and the blood that was split were interconnected, and made this an undertaking with no redeeming values to uphold and replicate, that should never be regarded as a trading enterprise among and between trading partners with mutual interest and equal risk. Those with money were risking a replaceable commodity, those whose blood was lost, were at risk of losing the most irreplaceable possession of humankind, the intergenerational link to un-born offspring, who would be born under a cloud of suspicion not knowing the true nature of their origins, without a name of their own and with a historical badge of inferiority and shame.