McKinley Jones

Science is Science, the only alternate to the scientific method is a better more improved rigorous scientific method.

We must learn that we cannot live by faith alone, we can no longer afford the price we pay in human suffering, as we ignore the powers of logic and reason.

Have we not learned the acts of nature are not controlled by God, Allah, Jesus…or any supernatural personality, are we not aware of random nature of the Tsunami and Katrina.


Faith is...A Hollow promise with no evidence of tangibility based on hope, and not reason. Faith not absolute nor is it everlasting, it is bread without water...a balm for the wounded a placebo for the unknowing ...a shelter in a storm...a refuge in the night, a temporary elixer for the lorn, a holiday for the enslaved, a pathway litted with ignorance and shattered goals

Ralphe Bunche


Race is the great American shibboleth….It is one of the great factors in confusing the American populace in its effort to understand the fundamental conflicts and issues confronting society. It has been one of the mist serious obstructions in the alignment of the population along lines of natural class interests.


I am here not only because I am a Negro and proud of it. I have come because I am an American and proud of it; because I have a fervent belief in democracy as the only way of life worthy of free men; because I believe that winning full equality and full integration for the Negro citizen is indispensable not only to him, but to the nation;


Because I believe that proving the ability of democracy to have unqualified application to all people irrespective of race and religion is imperative to the cause of freedom throughout the world…; because I believe that proving the virility of our democracy is one of the strongest blows we can strike at aggressive communism; and finally because I have children and am determined to do all that I can to ensure that they will be complete Americans… and without the handicaps of race which you and I have had to suffer.


I want to be a man on the same basis and level as any white citizen. I want to be as free as the whitest citizen. I want to exercise, and in full, the same rights as the white American. I want to eligible for employment exclusively on the basis of my skills and employability, and for housing solely on my capacity to pay.


I want to have the same privileges, the same treatment in public places as every other person. But this should not be read by anyone to mean that I want to be white—I am as proud of my origin, ancestors and race as anyone could be. I want to go and do only what all American are entitled to go and do.


May I speak a word or two against brotherhood?... We can save the world with a lot less…. Brotherhood is a misused, misleading term. What we need in this world is not brother hood but coexistence. We need acceptance of the right of every person to his own dignity.

Mutual Respect

We need mutual respect. Mankind will be much better off when there is less reliance on lip service to “brotherhood” and brotherly love”, and much more practice of the sounder and more realistic principle of mutual respect governing the relations among all people.

H. Hubert Harrison


It was the name of religion that cloaked the beginnings of slavery on the soil of America, and buttressed its continuance. The church saw to it that the religion taught to slaves should stress the servile virtues of subservience and content, and these things have bitten deeply into the souls of black folk.


True, the treasured music of these darker millions preserves, here and there, the note of stifled rebellion; but this was in spite of religion – not because of it. Besides, such of their “sorrow-songs” as have this note in them were brutally banned by their masters, and driven to the purlieus of the plantation, there to be sung in secret.


Show me a population that is deeply religious, and I will show you a servile population, content with whips and chains, contumely and the gibbet, content to eat the bread of sorrow and drink the waters of affliction.

Bruce Wright


The Church is superstition to me. I’m a lawyer, and I look for evidence: haven’t seem a Holy Ghost, haven’t seen a God or anything of that sort. And I read the Bible and I instruct my children to know something about biblical history—either as literature or as fiction, as they wish. I think they should know something about it, especially when you have a season such as Christmas and they might be strangers or bears in the woods.

Funeral Oration

And if any friends of mine wish to have a memorial service to remember me, which is unlikely, I have insisted that they play a certain tap that I have prepared, which is my funeral oration. There is some music on it, and they are admonished to obey the lyrics of that tune, which start: “Do nothing till you hear from me.” It’s the old Duke Ellington tune, played by Randy Weston, one of my former clients.

Ishmael Jaffree


It is my wish that people would analyze things in a logical, rational way and make logical, rational decisions based on intelligent observations. I wish that people would be more open to the scientific method of inquiry and not so given to mysticism.

Emmanuel Kofi Mensah


Religion is ethnocentric: i.e., people tend to see their own religion as the true expression of divine providence.


Religious terminology is infested with intellectual dishonesty. But there is widespread evidence that religion has failed to bring a better world to Africans.


There is no true and intelligible account of what Christians refer to as faith. Christian faith is not merely believing in God. It is believing in God despite evidence to the contrary.

W.E.B. DuBois


On the other hand, there are many faults and dangers. First of all the kind of sermon which is preached in most colored churches in not today attractive to even fairly intelligent men; we have gotten into the widespread habit of letting preachers talk to us without giving them any attention because we assume that most of things they say are not worth attention.


A regular campaign carried on every month in the year, quietly and seriously among reasonable people, will bring to the aid of the church a much better class of membership than present methods attract.

Business Activities

Above all, the business activities of the new Negro Church must be more systematic. The same methods that procured and paid for the church home can buy and pay for homes of the church members.

The burden of education its children even through high school and college should rest upon every Negro church.


Above all, the church must take an unbending stand on the matter of character. It seems almost inconceivable that today so many churches and ministers and so many good church members actually sneer at good men and good deeds and honest actions.
Henry David Thoreau


As for the pyramids, there is nothing to wonder at in them so much as the fact that so many men could be found degraded enough to spend their lives constructing a tomb for some ambitious booby, whom it would have been wiser and manlier to have drowned in the Nile, and then given his body to the dogs.
Wendell Phillips


Write on my gravestone: “Infidel, Traitor.”, infidel to every church that compromises with wrong; traitor to every government that oppresses the people.
Deborah Gray White


This generation won’t know Africa in the same was that their parents knew Africa…The child also won’t know freedom in the same way that a parent knew freedom…Because a child sees daily the whippings, the brutality of the system, sees their parents coming under the authority, coming under the rule of the whip of the overseer, even. So it’s very difficult. But at the same time, I think parents teach children what is to be cherished about the slave community. And that’s family. That’s religion. And that’s togetherness.